Parents Tips

Help your kids brush right

With a few things in mind and a fun-handled Spinbrush™ battery powered toothbrush, you'll actually have your children looking forward to brushing.

First, brush along with your child. Maybe even make a game out of it. Let them see how important good oral care is to you and how much you enjoy it. Being a good role model goes a long way toward building good habits that will lead to a lifetime of healthy, happy brushing.

Schedule regular dental visits for check ups, periodontal evaluations and cleaning. But do it so the entire family goes together.

Check your child's mouth for the signs of disease, including bleeding gums, swollen and bright red gums, gums that are receding away from the teeth and bad breath.

And finally, if you notice that your child has poor oral health habits, work to help change those tendencies now. After all, it's much easier to modify faulty habits in a child than in an adult.

A healthy smile, good breath, and strong teeth all contribute to a young person's sense of personal appearance, as well as confidence and self-esteem.