Kid Tips

The best way to brush with a Spinbrush™

Here's the good news: You already know how to brush with a Spinbrush™ because it's just like brushing with a manual toothbrush.But let's go over the most important things to remember before you start.

Put your toothpaste onto the brush and put the brush in your mouth before you turn on your Spinbrush™. This keeps the toothpaste on the brush and not flying off all over your bathroom. (Which will make Mum happy.)

Place your toothbrush against your teeth and gums and brush back and forth gently in short (tooth-wide) strokes.

Brush the outside of your teeth, then the inside of your teeth next to your tongue and finally the chewing part of the teeth.

Use the small tip of the brush to clean the inside surfaces of your front teeth, using a gentle up and down stroke. And don't forget to brush your tongue to remove germs that can make your breath smell bad.